Trimming the Fat From Your Explainer Video Script



Trimming the fat. We do it to meat, we do it to our diets and organizations and governments try to do it to their budgets.

When it comes to explainer videos, we need to trim the excess fat from scripts. This isn’t just because of our shrinking attention spans. That’s a factor, but we should want our scripts to be lean and mean because it makes for better videos.

My friend, screenwriter and screenwriting instructor, Madeline DiMaggio, always tells her students that when writing for television, every word needs to count and must move the story forward. If it’s true in television, it’s even more so in explainer videos. Continue reading

The RocketWheel Difference – Part II: Content


If your content marketing strategy resembles this cartoon, step away from the white paper you’ve just uploaded and spend a few minutes with me.

All content is not the same. This may seem obvious in theory, but in practice, many companies seem to have a “one content fits all” approach. To deliver your message successfully, you have to realize that writing for video and writing for print are not one and the same.

There are two main concepts to keep in mind when writing a video script:

Be concise and write for the ear, not the eye.

Let’s look at script length first. Continue reading

RocketWheel Goes Bionic

Let’s face it: if someone starts talking to you about robotic exoskeletons and bionics you’ll likely start scripting out an idea for an awesome sci-fi movie in your head.  You know, with giant bugs and stuff.  Robots can perform a huge array of services –  but have you ever seen someone walking down the street in one? Probably not. Continue reading

Taking Your Story to the Finish Line

Part of the fun of being a motion graphics artist at RocketWheel is transforming a visual storyboard into a final animation.  I wanted to give you some insight into this part of our production process using an actual example from our recent project with Directworks.

Transforming the Storyboard

Below is the breakdown from the initial concepts to what is now featured on their homepage.

Continue reading

Do All Explainer Videos Need Cartoon Characters?

Do All Explainer Videos Need Cartoon Characters?

Explainer videos are animations that provide viewers with an insight into your product or company. They are typically used to ignite interest and are well suited for filling the top of your sales funnel.

Many explainer videos use cartoon characters to bring a story to life. A cartoon, however, might not be an appropriate fit for every company or an effective vehicle for every story. Continue reading

“I Have a Dream” Still Resonates

Today we honor one of the world’s greatest civil rights leaders, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  When I studied speech communication at the University of Washington, we analyzed Dr. King’s 1963 March on Washington speech, which was initially titled “Normalcy, Never Again” and later became known as “I Have a Dream.” Continue reading