Junk the Jargon?


One of the main responsibilities I have here at RocketWheel is writing scripts for the videos we produce. It’s a highly collaborative process between the client, the animation team, and me.

Every industry has it’s own special jargon. This isn’t a bad thing per se because jargon can be an effective way to communicate with people in the same industry. Where jargon gets problematic is when it’s overused to the point where it loses any real meaning or influence. Continue reading

How to Create a Product Demo that Sells

In this era of no-nonsense spending, demonstrating the capabilities of your product is a critical step in the sales process. Done properly, cycles accelerate. Done poorly, deals stall, or worse yet, they drop out of the pipeline altogether only to be snapped up by your competition.

When it comes to live demos, you may often find yourself winging it with prospects. However, demos recorded for on-demand viewing are different. The sidebar stories that give live demos color frustrate on-demand viewers when narration is not aligned with screen movement. Rather than enhancing your story, the impact is diluted, and the viewer is confused. Continue reading