A First Impression is a Lasting Impression

'Thank God we're cute. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.'

In our increasingly fast-paced, 24/7, information-driven world, making a good first impression is more important than ever when it comes to our online presence.

When we look at a webpage, for example, we’re making conscious and unconscious judgments about what we see. Is there too much information crammed onto a page? Are there too many colors? Not enough color? Is it easy to navigate around the page or between pages? Do the links work properly? We’re shaping our opinions about the page, and by extention, the company, instantly. As I mentioned in a previous post, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter so if you want to grab and hold someone’s attention, you have to do it fast.

As we’re formulating our first visual impressions, we’re also starting to form more detailed impressions as we examine the content. I’ve always been someone who spots errors in content. I find typos in books, websites and scrolling along the bottom of the screen on the news. I don’t consciously search for errors. They just tend to pop out to me.

When I see these errors, I make an instant judgment and it’s not a positive one. Fair or not, if I see typos on a company’s website, I judge their attention to detail. If they’re not on top of their content, how will they be on top of my needs as a potential client or customer?

Mistakes happen and while perfection is unachievable, we can all do better. Just because we’re casual when we text or tweet, doesn’t mean we can slack on spelling and grammar. You don’t want inattention to detail to damage your brand. As former tennis star Andre Agassi said in the 90s:

About the author: Kelly Reiterman is the lead copywriter and content producer at RocketWheel.  She disseminates information from creative briefs, marketing materials and client conversations into crisp, understandable and engaging copy.

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