The RocketWheel Difference – Part III: Creativity



French painter Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity takes courage”. We live in a “copycat” world. When something works, whether it’s a TV show, a new technology or a business philosophy, it’s copied and copied until the creativity we liked originally is long gone.

Copying success is understandable because straying from the “tried and true” is dangerous. If you fail, you can lose money, reputation, and influence. But if you really want to make a difference in your business and grow, you have to take a risk on creativity.

Here at RocketWheel, we understand the delicate balance between thinking “outside the box” and “coloring within the lines”. We don’t push any client to be “artsy” for art’s sake. We know that you’re running a business not an art school. Our goal is to create unique videos that tell a client’s story in an entertaining and informative way. This is one of the reasons why we love “hybrid” videos so much and so do our clients. A hybrid video is one that combines different video styles within one video. Not only is this approach visually more engaging, it provides you with more ways to tell your story.

For Indeed, we combined standard screenshots and kinetic typography:


Or screenshots can be placed within stock video images in a unique way as in this video for Contently:


And videos with a character can also include other styles like in this video for Helm:


And this one for KnowMe:

Marketing videos don’t have to be boring and stuffy. They can be compelling while staying on brand. All you need is a little creative courage and the right partner to help bring your story to life.


About the author: Kelly Reiterman is the lead copywriter and content producer at RocketWheel.  She disseminates information from creative briefs, marketing materials and client conversations into crisp, understandable and engaging copy.




2 thoughts on “The RocketWheel Difference – Part III: Creativity

  1. Love the idea of the “hybrid video.” Especially now when there are so many animated explainers out there that look so similar. The idea of mixing in different styles is a really great way to make a video unique and standout.

  2. Thanks, Marc. Using a hybrid approach really makes the video more visually interesting and provides new ways to tell a client’s story. We’re excited to see that we’re receiving more and more interest from clients to go with this style.

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