The RocketWheel Difference – Part I: Communication

We all know what bad communication looks and sounds like. How we communicate with people in our personal and professional lives is a crucial component to creating successful relationships.

At RocketWheel, we take communication very seriously and it starts from our first interaction with a potential client. If we’ve been contacted by email or via the contact form on our website, we try to set up a call with the prospective client right away. This isn’t a sneaky ploy to do some kind of hard sell. We want to get to know the person who has contacted us and see how we can help tell their story. Sure, we can email a price list with some samples and a brief overview of our process, and we often do this. But this can be a bit impersonal. Someone contacts us because they have a passion for their product or service. By talking one-on-one, we can find out more about them than we can in an email. In the process, we’re able to provide a more accurate quote for the video and answer any questions. And the potential client gets a better feel for who we are and how we can help communicate their passion.

When a company partners with RocketWheel on a video, we tailor the amount of communication to each client. Some clients prefer less communication and others prefer more. But every client starts out their project by filling out a creative brief, followed by a call to review that creative brief and formally kick off the project. The creative brief goes a step beyond that initial call and discusses the product, the target audience and the purpose of the video in greater detail.

As we proceed through the script outline and script development processes, the client and the RocketWheel team work together to refine the message until it’s time to move into the storyboarding and animation phases. We never proceed into a new phase without approval from the client on the content. One thing a client will NEVER experience with us is silence or surprise. We don’t disappear for weeks on end and throw a script or a completed video over the proverbial fence that bears no resemblance to the client’s vision.

RocketWheel doesn’t desert a client once the video is delivered. If any assistance is needed for deployment, we’re happy to help. We strive to develop relationships that last beyond one video. We are proud to have longstanding relationships with many of our clients. It’s great to see how their businesses have changed and grown and we love the challenge of coming up with fresh, innovative, approaches for their new videos.

About the author: Kelly Reiterman is the lead copywriter and content producer at RocketWheel.  She disseminates information from creative briefs, marketing materials and client conversations into crisp, understandable and engaging copy.

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