RocketWheel Goes Bionic

Let’s face it: if someone starts talking to you about robotic exoskeletons and bionics you’ll likely start scripting out an idea for an awesome sci-fi movie in your head.  You know, with giant bugs and stuff.  Robots can perform a huge array of services –  but have you ever seen someone walking down the street in one? Probably not.

Now imagine if you lost the use of your legs.  The technology which would allow you to walk again is there, but the cost is too high.  The freedom to move around on your own two feet is just out of reach.

Trax, a non-profit organization, is looking to change just that.  Using a crowd-funding approach, Trax is raising enough money for people to afford human-assisted robotics on a large scale.

Needless to say, Trax’s mission rocks and RocketWheel wanted to help.  So we did what we do best and made a great video explaining how it all works.

About the author: Mike Gaynor is the lead motion designer at RocketWheel.  He translates clients’ messages into visually engaging explainer videos and user experience demos  that inspire, educate, and sell.


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