Kinetic Typography

One of the trickiest parts of making a video for your product is deciding how you want to tell your story.  Will there be a character?  Do you want to show screenshots of your software? There are indeed a multitude of questions to answer before you even begin to write a script.

Not to worry.  We at RocketWheel have defined some of the most common styles for you to choose from.

Today, I’d like to focus on one such style called “Kinetic Typography”.  Kinetic typography is animated text, which can be supplemented by graphics, charts, photos, and more.

Here is an example:

Kinetic Typography is an especially effective storytelling vehicle when:

  • Communicating massive amounts of data and statistics.
  • Differentiating a commoditized product.
  • Simply explaining your “secret sauce”.

Aside from a storytelling perspective, it is a visually stunning style that can take advantage of a huge variety of stylistic options, or remain true to your branding guidelines down to the colors and fonts used.  Either way, it tends to dazzle your audience.

But wait!  Before you make your final decision, it would probably be best for you to check out our other styles here:


About the author: Mike Gaynor is the lead motion designer at RocketWheel.  He translates clients’ messages into visually engaging explainer videos and user experience demos  that inspire, educate, and sell.

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