Do All Explainer Videos Need Cartoon Characters?

Do All Explainer Videos Need Cartoon Characters?

Explainer videos are animations that provide viewers with an insight into your product or company. They are typically used to ignite interest and are well suited for filling the top of your sales funnel.

Many explainer videos use cartoon characters to bring a story to life. A cartoon, however, might not be an appropriate fit for every company or an effective vehicle for every story.

Explainer videos are custom built to engage your prospects and should use the creative elements that best align with your brand and illuminate your value. This could include infographics,illustrations, software screens, or kinetic typography.

Effective Storytelling Through Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is moving text supplemented by graphics, charts, photos, and more. It’s an effective storytelling vehicle for communicating massive amounts of data and statistics, or, as in the example below, differentiating a commoditized product.

“It’s difficult to differentiate live chat vendors. The product category is well defined and the software all looks and behaves the same from a UI perspective,” explains Velaro vice president of marketing, Jeffrey Mason. “Our distinction lies behind the scenes in our robust security, knowledgeable implementation staff, and commitment to customer success.”

Analyzing Our Approach

We selected the chat box as the entry point for the story, using the well-known software user interface to establish commonality with the competition. The piece progresses, presenting questions to reveal Velaro’s implementation expertise and extrapolating dynamic animation cues from the words in the script to punctuate additional differentiators. The video closes as it begins, in the familiar chat box, animating emotive words to underscore Velaro’s culture of commitment: “Others can’t put passion, innovation, and satisfaction in a box. But we can.”

The Key: A Skilled Copywriter

Because the script so closely drives the animation, explainer videos with kinetic typography require a skilled copywriter. If the copywriter is also a visual thinker, that’s even better.

“It was a pleasure working with your team. You intuitively knew what we needed,” Mason shared. “The result is a video that effectively sets us apart from the competition. It’s engaging, entertaining, and successfully converting viewers into prospects.”
About the Author: Kathleen Hayes is the founder of RocketWheel, a leading developer of software demos and animated videos that generate leads and accelerate sales.

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