How to Best Select a Demo Agency – Part 3

Selecting the right agency to produce your demo can be tricky. What should you look for? How can you distinguish the right fit?

During the final installment of this three-part series, we focus on four more things to consider when selecting a demo agency.  And we’ve included our responses to help you determine if RocketWheel is the right fit for your project.

7. Interactive Calls to Action 

Unless you’re using your demo a in tradeshow or sales meeting, the movie should conclude with a call to action that drives the viewer to the next logical step in the sales cycle using a live hyperlink.

Luminosity utilizes an interactive overlay that enables your prospects to click through from the demo to your calls to action, which could include downloading a white paper or case study, registering for a webinar, or even viewing another demo.  Interactive calls to action are especially important for companies looking to accelerate sales cycles by guiding the prospect’s content journey. If you’re not sure what should happen when the demo concludes, we’ll help guide your decision.

“Luminosity’s (now RocketWheel) flexibility helped us target a specific call-to-action to different audiences, making our demos much more relevant to prospects.” Anaye Milligan, Director, Digital Marketing, Insperity

8. Social Sharing

We live in a social world and social sharing is becoming a “must have” rather than a “nice to have” feature for your demo. Look for an agency that makes it easy for viewers to share your demo on social networks like Facebook and Twitter or pass along the URL in an auto-populated email.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all social sharing model, RocketWheel tailors the sharing experience for each client. If your company is already using social sharing widgets such as AddThis or Share This, we’ll integrate the desired format so you can include demo sharing in your existing analytics for comprehensive tracking.

“When integrating social sharing for our demo, we didn’t even think to funnel the activity into our existing Share This account. But Luminosity did. Thanks for going the extra mile.” Julie Ginn, Marketing Director, Axium

9. Mobile Friendly Deployment

Historically, agencies delivered demos in Adobe Flash, which we all realize does not play well on mobile devices. As the mobile world embraces HTML5 and non-proprietary open standards, look for an agency that can deliver your demo in a mobile friendly format.

Luminosity Group uses an HTML5 link to video player to ensure playback compatibility across browsers, iPhones, and iPads. The interface provides a YouTube-like experience for the viewer; there is nothing to download. Yet, unlike YouTube, the interface is not generic. The player can be tailored to fit your color palette and your calls to action.

10. Work that Resonates

Last, but not least, determine if the quality of work in the agency’s portfolio resonates with you.

Can you envision a demo by Luminosity bolstering your brand and connecting with your prospects? If the answer is “yes,” then let’s continue the conversation.

About the Author: Kathleen Hayes is the founder of RocketWheel, a leading developer of software demos and animated videos that generate leads and accelerate sales.

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