How to Best Select a Demo Agency – Part 2

Selecting the right agency to produce your demo can be tricky. What should you look for? How can you distinguish the right fit?

During the second installment of this three-part series, we focus on three more things to consider when selecting a demo agency.  And we’ve included our responses to help you determine if RocketWheel is the right fit for your project.

4. Screen Shot Clarity

Whether you are using screen shots as accents in a conceptual demo, or you are telling the entire story through the lens of your software, product screen shots must be crystal clear.  Review the agency’s portfolio to see if screen shots pass the clarity test.

RocketWheel has invested heavily in R&D and pioneered a remote screen capture process that ensures the highest screen clarity. We don’t use the movie. Rather, we extract still shots from the video and animate data entry, drop-down and pop-up menus, and mouse movements to ensure the smoothest, clearest viewing experience possible.

5. Agile Updates 

The rapid product release cycles inherent with SaaS solutions can wreak havoc on your sales and marketing demos, as well as employee and partner on-boarding videos. To ensure your material remains relevant, look for an agency that can deliver agile updates.

Because we focus on software and SaaS solutions, RocketWheel designed a modular demo architecture that enables us to easily update material as your process or product evolves or your value proposition changes. No need to start from scratch. Simply replace the screens or audio that are no longer relevant.  Or drop in a completely new chapter to support new features.

“Thanks for making it so painless to refresh our Salesforce partner portal demo to reflect new channel processes. You truly are agile.” Darren Bronson, Sr. Manager, Channel Operations, Riverbed Technology

6. Transparent Process

A proven demo development process goes a long way toward ensuring your project will be delivered on time and on budget. While every agency’s process will differ, it must be well documented and transparent to you as the client.

Because the folks at RocketWheel blend left and right brain thinking, we’ve been able to analyze past projects and finely tune our process to ensure smooth project delivery. While the process for Conceptual Demos differs from User Experience and Emotive Videos, every step is tracked in our online project collaboration system, ensuring we remain in lock step with you until the final files are handed off.

“Perfecto! You guys are stars. Such a great product in 4 weeks.” Phil Dolan, CMO, Navicure

About the Author: Kathleen Hayes is the founder of RocketWheel, a leading developer of software demos and animated videos that generate leads and accelerate sales.

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